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Facing air conditioning issues can be a huge inconvenience, turning your home or office into an uncomfortable space during the warmest months. In Chestnut Hill, PA, Vaughn Moore Plumbing & Heating, LLC stands out as a specialized provider ready to tackle these challenges. With over three decades of experience, our team is skilled in handling everything from AC repair to full installations. We understand the urgency and frustration that come with malfunctioning AC units and are committed to delivering solutions that restore comfort and happiness to your spaces. Trust us to be your go-to for all air conditioning service needs, ensuring you can enjoy your indoor environments, regardless of the outside temperatures.

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Seamless Heating and Cooling

Residents of Chestnut Hill, PA, face unique weather challenges, requiring a dependable heating and air conditioning system. Vaughn Moore Plumbing & Heating, LLC provides the expertise needed to ensure your environment is comfortable throughout the year. Whether it’s sweltering summer days or chilly winter nights, our services are designed to keep your space at the perfect temperature.

Our services include the following:

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Tailored Solutions

Choosing Vaughn Moore Plumbing & Heating, LLC for your air conditioning service in Chestnut Hill, PA, means selecting a company that cares deeply about your comfort. Our extensive experience in AC repair, heating solutions, and plumbing services ensures that your home or business will always be a welcoming sanctuary. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality results that address your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Let us help you navigate the challenges of maintaining a perfect indoor climate, making your property the ultimate haven for comfort and happiness.

Our Full Range of Services

Install a heating unit that will keep you warm during the winter.

Heating Installation & Replacement

Maximize your heaterĀ“s longevity and detect problems effectively.

Heating Repair & Maintenance

Keep your interiors cool by installing the AC unit of your choice.

AC Installation & Replacement

Locate issues and get them repaired on time before they worsen.

AC Repair & Maintenance

Install boilers and prevent recurring problems to avoid pipe damage.

Plumbing Installation & Maintenance

Stop leaky faucets, clogged drains and water heater problems.

Plumbing Repair

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